Malia Maxwell

Malia Maxwell lives in Seattle, Washington. She attends the Northwest School full-time, and the Stanford Online High School part-time. Malia continues to experiment with metaphor, biography, and repetition as she does in Daisy Crown, but is also branching out and exploring new topics and styles to embrace herself as a poet. She is currently reading Sylvia Plath’s Unabridged Journals. Read an excerpt from Malia's chapbook Daisy Crown.


Yovana Milosevic

Yovana is a first year student at Illinois Wesleyan University.  She is majoring in English with a concentration on writing, and spent most of last semester developing a poetry portfolio via her Writing Poetry course.  She is loving the small class sizes and individualized attention, and is excited about her English course this semester on the Great Migration.  She is currently studying the poems of Langston Hughes and Richard Wright, and is excited to further submerge herself in her major.  She is exploring honesty and truth, but also pushing the boundaries of how these concepts are expressed, and especially, how they are vocalized from a female perspective.   Read an excerpt from Yovana's chapbook Scents of War.



Lulu Priddy

Lulu Priddy lives in New York City and attends Saint Ann's High School in Brooklyn. She enjoys experimenting with sound, vivid imagery, and constraint in her short stories and poetry. She takes inspiration from the works of such writers as Virginia Woolf, Dylan Thomas, Jamaica Kincaid and is currently reading Kate Chopin's The Awakening. Read an excerpt from Lulu's chapbook Swallow, Low.

caroline image.png

Caroline Sasso

Caroline Sasso is a young experimentalist poet who enjoys experimenting with vivid imagery, maximalism, and shocking the reader. She is the author of the chapbook Five Trains of Thought and an Apple Slice. Read an excerpt from Caroline's chapbook Five Trains of Thought and an Apple Slice.