L Bqt



cinnamon persimmons chilled

and ingrown incestuous 

like bulbous non-plants in the desert

where everything breathing is sharp and aroused.

illustrious indigo in demand in the fish gills.

gift him to them and they will gift us with christ or dick

sickened and pink, pills and trimmed quilt sills 


one dozen 


crinkle pink until quilted fists oil up and inherit it 

christen the new born atheists with belugas and bunches of tin wheelers

restless bums for the hills to give






and rumpled to the pear leaves

suckle gold juice clean out the worm holes

the skin will be ribbed

for pleasure and then popped

with holes where the bugs came

but that just makes the fruit all the warmer for the intestines to swarm


but the sun will give me the light I lack and the sand and sea reflect the medicine even more

the big rocks where we peed, those are the wholesome loads that calm the tide and ground your skin in the heat