Malia Maxwell




Commence the drooling! A pig pen full of stars, too anxious to dance between the lines--I drown this in drool, but in a sneaky manner. I lie because it’s so true. Watch the cabbages rhyme. Can I let go of the medium? And so she calls herself by her true name.



The one that never makes promises and never breaks them. Another mother, sometimes the other, sometimes the real, sometimes no mother. The only lecture that is like a poem rises and falls wherever it chooses.



The best possible result that you could get when something negative comes out of a dentist. It’s another hobo sack but at least it has sentimental value.  I’m one of those puzzle pieces and so happy to get to see the clue. Another author’s opportunity right there and now. Now then always again and again.

In a way, a new butler has arisen. Let’s call him Electricity! I’m so lucky to shake with the thunder.