YALDA's summer intensive operates as a week-long literary intensive and publishing program for young women authors ages 14-21. Our intensive format changes each year to accommodate more writers and our growing platform. For our summer 2018 intensive, which focuses on publishing online as young women writers, we will hold most of our program online and conclude with a day-long workshop at Ugly Duckling Presse. For information on our 2016 Program, see below.


For our 2016 Inaugural Program, four authors receive a letterpress apprenticeship from the wonderful nonprofit and independent publishing hero Ugly Duckling Presse, where they learn to design, print and bind their own chapbooks of poetry. Their manuscripts are the product of each student giving their work many months of professional, whole-hearted effort in conjunction with instructor support; and the publication, celebration, and promotion of their chapbooks is the heart of YALDA's week-long summer program.

We are thrilled that the renown NYC literary landmark Poets House will host our chapbook launch reading and celebration, as well as two days of workshops and seminars, where students will write, explore their poetics of performance, and participate in a roundtable on publishing as young authors, receiving invaluable knowledge from visiting women artists who are leaders in their fields. Last but not least, authors will fully immerse themselves in the city's extraordinarily vibrant literary and artistic culture, on a variety of cultural outings, including readings, lectures, museums and openings.

Our 2016 program is honored to welcome our first four authors, about whom you can learn more, by clicking on their names below:

Malia Maxwell (9th grade, WA)

Yovana Milosevic (11th grade, CO)

Lulu Priddy (12th grade, NY)

Caroline Sasso (8th grade, TX)


To learn more about our program partners and staff, click here.